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Experiment: Can you de-addict from narcissistic supply? Resu

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Re: Experiment: Can you de-addict from narcissistic supply? Resu

Postby Akuma » Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:40 am

Greebo wrote:While it wasn’t fun and I found myself chronically bored, the saddest thing about it was that my mental state didn’t really change. I was much the same before, during and after. Tbh the thing I missed most was not people but the ability to go outside and loss of contact with the natural world. Other people I could take or leave.

While it may be a typical schizoid thing maybe its exactly taht "we" are in such a internalized world without the usual relations to others - and the usual lack of dependence, respectively underlining of independence - that we also dont really miss them; not only emotionally but also structurally.
I mean I have virtual conenctions to a tiny degree but I also live basically secluded since about 15-20yrs now. Not comparable to a clean-room though >_>.

Frankly to go from sane to psychotic in under 10 days, without chemical interference, verges on the ridiculous.

Dunno, if youre in a retreat youre basically sitting on your ass all day "meditating" I can believe taht you can go bonkers quickly if you are unstable. Well... then of course the whole ordeal itself is not very sane ;)
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