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Am I a narcissist?

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Am I a narcissist?

Postby arkana » Thu Sep 06, 2018 6:52 pm

I think I might be a narcissist. I had a troubled childhood, which I don't remember (more like, I repressed it). Whenever something difficult happens to me in life (e.g. an argument, disagreement), I give silent treatment, but in my own mind, I push all the negative thoughts away, so as not to dwell on them. When forced to have an open discussion about the issue, after a time, I tend to get "bored" with it and I can feel my mind drifting off to the point that I will apologise, agree with or do anything really in order to get that "over with". I can see the other person's point of view, mind you, but I still try to make them see that I am hurt by the situation, too. Often, if not all the time during those discussions, I catch myself (or even openly say) trying to think what I could do to make the other person feel hurt (as much as I am feeling hurt). In everyday situations when dealing with people I am acquainted with (like my colleagues), I often make comments that are often understood as quite hurtfult (when I really mean well!); it seems like I say only a portion of what I am thinking, and that omitted portion is essential to people understanding what I mean (e.g. the other day, my co-worker remarked they were acting out due to lack of coffee and I felt obliged to respond in some way to cheer them up, so I said that I hadn't noticed it; what that sounded like to them was that they must be acting out on a daily basis since it's not noticeable, but what I really meant was that the person was nice and they had nothing to worry about). I have those situations happen to me all the time, that I mean to say something nice, cheer someone up or just make a casual remark, but it seems to be coming off as arrogant and mean most of the time and I tend to have to expain myself more afterwards (only if someone actually brings it up to me that it sounded weird, as I myself am not always able to see that myself). In a recent argument with my boyfriend, he had told me that I lack empathy, too, which is considered to be one of the signs.
Also, I am very eager to talk about my past with pretty much anyone who asks and I will ALWAYS bring myself to tears while talking about it. When talking about my ex-s, at least about one of them for sure, I tend to make him look crazy (but that may be because he was? haha :lol: ). I don't know...

Am I exaggerating all this or am I narcissistic? What can I do to stop all this?!
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Re: Am I a narcissist?

Postby madness00 » Sat Sep 08, 2018 2:18 am

To be honest, none of that sounds narcissistic.

Aren't you relieved?
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