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Is there something wrong?

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Is there something wrong?

Postby Catanddog » Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:02 pm

Hi, I wonder what do you think about the below situation.
I started new job recently and liked a colleague who is younger than me (I'm 28, he is 23). Soon he broke up with his girlfriend and I was the one comforting and listening to him during lunch breaks. I kind of knew how he felt and I felt sorry for him because he seemed like a really good person. I also helped him with some stuff and we soon became friends and started hanging out after work.
But then things started to change, I don't even know how to describe it. It was almost as, if we met one evening, he would become quite laud, active and supper happy at work the next day even if the day before he was in depressive mood. I thought he is recovering fast and actually thought maybe because I'm helping him (yeah, I know;)). But then he had bad moods again.

he once showed me a middle finger "for fun" while joking around with others in the office. It actually hurt me very much because I thought we are becoming close friends. He apologized after in text but his behavior changed since then; he became insensitive and I felt like he is mocking me when I talk about something simple like e.g. My niece. He mocks me when I laugh or talk about something, always "for fun". He asked me with irony do I think I'm perfect once; he also tried to accuse me of not liking my flatmate, again with a ironic tone, because I was saying I don't like some of her behaviors before. For me it doesn't mean I don't like her - I don't know her.

He started being a quite nasty to me especially when we were around others, making me feel anxious (e.g. saying something about my boss next to our colleagues short after I was complaining about my boss few days earlier - I was afraid he will tell them what I complained about). Since then I stopped trusting him and became afraid he may use what I shared against me.

Anyway, I'm very confused. Any insights? Or should I get over it?
I once read if something looks like a duck and sounds like a duck - it is probably a duck;) shame he is my colleague though.
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