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How to know if your parent has NPD ?

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How to know if your parent has NPD ?

Postby jenaiaucuneidee » Mon Jul 09, 2018 5:34 pm

My relationship with my mother has always been rather strained. She was always rather unpredictable and always pitied herself. When I was a small kid (almost still a toddler), she would talk about the fact that she had phD and that she had chosen to take care of my brothers and I and ruined her life. She said it as if it were my fault and for a long time, I felt guilty about it. Whenever I'd misbehave (fight with one of my brothers, lie about brushing my teeth,...), she'd flip out and act as if I had done so to hurt her. Then, she would barely talk to me for a week or more. She'd then be back to her normal self. However, every single thing that did wrong was just ammunition to her. She'd bring it up sometimes years later just to make me feel guilty. When I was a kid, that worked so well that I genuinely thought that I was an awful person that would be going to hell.

Another thing that she often did was ridicule my worries and my feelings. Me feeling down? Just being an ungrateful kid. Being worried or anxious? Exaggerating. On the rare times, I'd actually talk about my feelings, she would tell me to stop complaining. When I was diagnosed with PCOS, hypothyroidism and leaky gut syndrome, she put me down. Having to sleep more than 10 hours and still be tired? Me being a lazy person. My period lasting more than a month? Completely normal. My constipations and diarrhea? Me being the liar that I am. I know that right now my health issues aren't really bad. However, if not treated, they could serious hurt my body. And my mom just threw them away.
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Re: How to know if your parent has NPD ?

Postby Psycho Delica » Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:25 am

I read a few books, and also there is heaps of info online to help you work it out. "Will I ever be good enough" is a great book that i found very helpful. I recommend it. It should help you figure it out.
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