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love bombing

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Re: love bombing

Postby ZombieZ » Tue Feb 27, 2018 5:03 pm

KvotheTheRaven wrote:In my case, both types apply. It's either a manipulation technique or its because someone is on my pedestal (and eventually get knocked off by me).

Sometimes the manipulation (which is usually "let's see how fast I can get them to like me) turns genuine and I like them then they go on the pedestal but not many have managed to stay there and usually I get bitter with them when they do something that makes me have to throw them off.

That sounds very similar to what I do and posted earlier. Is it after the person does something that makes you knock them off the pedistal like say criticize you in some way and you know you could probably never get past it that they think you are flawed? Maybe even something small? Or what triggers it in your case?
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