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ASPD boss & NPD employee

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Re: ASPD boss & NPD employee

Postby Philonoe » Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:18 pm

dibita wrote:I disagree with the person who said that manipulators stick together.

Well they can danse together

Not in the case of an AsPD + NPD coupling, in my experience.

I found the comment interesting. I don't know much about aspd. It seems to me that those labels cover very different people.
It seems to me that someone very narcissistic, provide they use some diplomacy, can be of high value for a strategic manager.
Because he has developped good image, has lots of contacts...

We care far more about our reputations than they do, and that can act as a control mechanism for our behavior.

It seems to me that there is a lot of social control in society, based on people's narcissism. To have a good social image, you are supposed to do this and that and that... for instance as a parent.

Nothing will stop a sociopath. If they can legally get away with it somehow, they will do it.

This is exactly the definition i thought about.

A narcissist will step on your toe to get where they're going, and justify to themselves why it was necessary to maintain their self-esteem.


A sociopath will stomp your head in to get where they're going and take pleasure in doing so.

I'm not sure about the words but assuming so. What is their goal? Is it to have more power? How do they manage leaving some short term-power to get more long term-power?
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