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do you have feelings of emptiness?

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Re: do you have feelings of emptiness?

Postby Philonoe » Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:52 am

WhoElse wrote:Yeah, but only initially. Sane people can draw satisfaction from a job well done. If you let your narcissism drive you, you just stumble from one challenge to another. It'll burn you out with a lot to show for it, but still only very short term rewards for yourself.

So in a way, narcissism drive all of us when acting. But some people can't structure themselves to give importance to the long term- reward?

WhoElse wrote:
Philonoe wrote:What means "objectively meaningless" - is meaning objectivable?

"Meaning" in the existential sense gives an individual a purpose. Narcissism drives us to achieve things, but it never gives us this feeling of accomplishment sane people experience.

Do you think people with lower narcissism have higher sense of accomplishment?

The latest thing on my now retired want-list was a yacht. I projected other people's dreams on myself, not knowing the circle jerk that is my own envy. I'd probably have enjoyed the sex and parties for a few weeks, but the actual enjoyment that comes with the hobby would have completely escaped me. I feel it would have been a pointless endeavor. Meaningless.

Yes i imagine life on a yacht as very boring :lol:

But probably some people enjoy it on a deaper way - or i hope so for them.

Be the freedom of going everywhere, the pleasure of appearing rich, the contact with the sea... I don't know, it's difficult for me to imagine because i think i would feel claustrophobic
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Re: do you have feelings of emptiness?

Postby ddxy » Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:42 pm

Empty ? naahh..
Bored ? yeahh..

ADHD has taken away the emptiness but yeah if you say empathy, quite a tad low. Usually I get bored in a group of people where the topic is not around me , with myself I am never bored until I don't have a working internet.
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