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Re: Other PD and NPD Relationship support

Postby goaskmyalias » Wed Jun 20, 2018 1:55 pm

Hi Mumathebeach.
I read the convo and honestly, he sounded to me like he was just sort of sarcastic because he was fed up. Of course, I did not hear convo, i am only reading your transcription of it which involves your interpretation. So i could have it all wrong. I do not know.
I can only speak from my experience, which is different than yours, obviously. I am bipolar 1/psychotic features. Not BPD. I know and have dated more than one person with NPD. I am guilty of getting all wound up and being a little psychotic/overreacting to NPDs. And they have a tendency to enjoy setting those prone to this sort of reaction off. But they also do get fed up and act that way. His comment that you are the one needed care, not him is CLASSIC. They see themselves as perfect. Beyond reproach. And take every opportunity to let you know. Everyone else is sick. Not them. The trick is remembering they think this way. They always will. You are not going to change it. And they will often seek out any and all opportunity to let you know. The trick is to detach a little. See it for what it is. Not take it so personally or seriously. Easier said than done.
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