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Not the first

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Not the first

Postby Selfless74 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:22 am


Wow, when I began trying to work a program, this chronic pain stick really got in my way.

But when I saw why it is that an alcoholic needs another alcoholic, I am relieved to have found this program (board). Wish there was one near my home.

But it began in the second grade, when the bullying at school was so bad, I would literally pick up a cold so I could stay home. But when I was at home, it was with a mother with NPD/BPD. Abusive physically to my sister-what she does with me, I would appreciate it if she would beat the h*** out of me instead.

Right now, though I work with a counselor, I do not currently have a shrink-nor do I really want one, I thought in working a program I would look at the reason that they are ALWAYS showing up when I am around.

Getting my father to quit bugging me is to tell him, "Bunch of pills" (and discussion is closed, he is a recovering alcoholic, and thank God he is, that was where I learned to save myself).

Anyone look at the legal impact of the stuff online (chronic pain anyone??? How much mileage have you gotten?). I think of my first speaker meeting last year-and the guy on meth in a government office (hid in the ceiling for a couple days). Even was only let off because ONE juror voted not guilty.

Going back to work-smartest thing I have done.

Diagnosis: Factitious Disorder, recovered (1 year on 1/17/2018)

Medication: Lamotrigine (100mg twice daily)-indication, nerve pain, helps mood too.
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