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Fake epelepsy among other things?! Am i going nuts?

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Fake epelepsy among other things?! Am i going nuts?

Postby thewildwhitedog » Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:56 pm

In case you haven’t noticed I’m new, so hi to everyone out there. I have a hell of a lot of questions regarding err… epilepsy for attention. Well that sounds awful written down doesn’t it? I was just wondering does anyone else do it? Like I do it and don’t really have a clue. I mainly practice in my bedroom. I’ve not done it on people. Yet. Apart from on video call. Because obviously you just drop whatever youre holding. I doubt I’ll get any ‘tips’ as such but what does everyone else do?

Anyways, its not just ^^^ seizures I fake. I do cut/open cuts/ rub dirt in them/swallow all manner of weird things/ come up with really weird plans to get various drugs to overdose on so I can experience a neg effect from that. My most recent one was insulin.
URGH. Nobody knows or suspects anything I don’t think. But just when the cravings are soooooo bad. I rather harm myself to cause it than fake it, but I do occasionally fake it, with self harm induced products of that. For example, slashing my tongue a few min before hand to give the illusion I’ve bitten my tongue ect.
Anyone out there like me?????????? I feel like I’m crazy
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