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family member with munchuasen's

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family member with munchuasen's

Postby verytired » Wed Jul 05, 2017 3:56 pm

I have a family member with munchausen's,
at the moment my family is going through the worst time with my brother .
when he was about 17-18 he started putting himself into hospital at first it was his apendacitis (spelling wrong sorry) a few days after that it was for his knee and as the weeks went on everytime he went missing either the hospital rang my parent's or they would ring the hospital he would be in there ,
The doctors finally called it munchausen's when he stabbed himself in town with a broken bottle and then reported it to the police as being attacked but when they advertised for witness's several people came forward and told police they had been fixing the building it happened outside of and said he had done it himself .
He was never treated by a doctor for the illness the doctors told my parents he had to ask for help.
after that day things got worse ,and about 10 years ago he had been going to the hospital convinced he had something in his hand they did 3 sets of xray's within the space of 3 days with the same results each time nothing in his hand.
I came home the next day and found him in his room forcing bicycle cable wire into his hand under the knuckle and disturbed by what I saw and worried it would travel ,he knew I had seen him do it and was annoyed by it and took himself to the hospital and came home excited that there was something on the xray's and that he was going to have to have an operation and sure enough when he showed us the xray there were 2 curly bits of wire .
I waited until the next morning and I thought he had left the house and I asked my mum if I should talk to our family doctor and tell him what I saw and ask what I should do to prevent this from happening again but my brother was home and heard my say this and came out of his room and kicked me twice in the spine and when my dad asked him to leave the house he became even more violent and bashed my dad and wouldn't stop until I picked up the phone to call the police ,
he was charged by the police when he admitted to bashing us but we did not press charges we asked the police to get him help but he never did .
Now 10 years on he is no better infact he is worse ,he has joined facebook and is using that as his voice to abuse and acuse his family of things they haven't done ,they have all blocked him on there but he keeps friending our friends because he knows it will get back to us .
he is also abusing hospital staff and police on there and is relentless with his nastiness but we have tried to ignor him and have spoken to the police and mental health but have received no help or relief from his harassment we are at the end of our ropes we know he has problems but we should have to suffer the constant lies .
I want to ask anyone out there is this normal behavour of some one with this illness ? ,does anyone ever admit they have this disorder?, or do we have to indure this for the rest of our lives ?
My dad has passed on with cancer and 2 days before we found out he had it my brother acused him of something he cried and I was able to clear dads name the day he died but he should never have had to go through it .
Why can't he see he is hurting the very people who want to help him ?
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