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Possible Case(s) of Munchausen Syndrome

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Possible Case(s) of Munchausen Syndrome

Postby Cypriot » Sat Apr 01, 2017 11:14 am

Hello dear All,

This is my first post. To be clear, I belong to the legal profession and reside in Cyprus. What I am about to write is the story of what I have been going through the past 10 months. The story does not contain a single lie. Please bear with me and I will appreciate all answers to my story as I am in need of help and advise on how to handle the situation I am in.

In June 2016 I met online with a woman from Spain (hereon "Anne" - this is not her real name, or at least the one she provided me with). Her father was supposed to be the ambassador of Cyprus in Spain and her mother was Spanish but they both died in a tragic car accident in Cyprus during one summer. We exchanged numbers and photos and decided that we would go out after a couple of days. After 2-3 days, while I was talking with Anne on the phone, she mentioned her gay best friend having a crush on me (let's call him "Dan") and she begged me to meet him at least once. And so I did as a favor to Anne since she was a very beautiful woman. I took him to the movies and then dropped him off to his house telling him I do not want to meet him again as I am not homosexual and I am only interested in Anne.

Until I arrived home I received numerous phone calls from Anne begging me to rethink and that Dan had attempted suicide through pill overdose because in reality he had met me 3 years ago at a bar when I was out with a woman and had a crush on me since then. That day's rejection was just too much she said for him. The bar part must have been true as I was indeed in that bar with a woman that day but I never managed to remember him or Anne, who also later on mentioned that she had met me there and had a crush on me since then. After a lot of crying by Anne and after she mentioned that Dan was a cancer patient with less than 2 months of life, I felt sorry for him and agreed to take him for walks, without any intimacy whatsoever, until he would eventually die.

A few days later, Anne mentioned she had a sister (hereon "Sue") that had a child (hereon "Chris"). Her husband had supposedly abandoned her. Her sister also suffered from cancer and was due to die in 1 month, which happened. Weirdly enough, I was never allowed to meet her and suddenly she left for Spain to bury her sister. She and Dan were already the guardians of Chris as she said it was the wish of her sister before she died. Dan was also the godfather of Chris according to them.

After coming back from Spain, I was still not allowed to meet Anne, in fear of hurting the feelings of Dan (according to Anne). This continued until August. Suddenly one day in August when I decided to depart from the whole situation, Anne disclosed that Chris had a heart problem (wolf Parkinson white syndrome and also needed a another device to control his heart rate) and they had to leave immediately for Germany and so they did. At least according to them. In December they had to leave again, this time for France, in order for Chris to have a kidney or liver transplant (can't remember for sure). Even though I tried many times to meet her, she would always refuse to me to travel there to meet her, again to "not hurt the feelings" of Dan who was in Cyprus and still alive even after 7 months, when he supposedly only had 2 months of life. When asked to present me his medical records as my mother is a Doctor, he always refused manically.

At some point, her other sister, Casandra, also died in a car accident in Spain and she had to go there to bury her.

At a later stage, Anne disclosed she also suffered from cancer and had a brain tumor which she had operated later on in France in April 2017. Still, I was not allowed to meet her, but felt very sorry for her having to go through all of this alone so I decided not to abandon her. In the end of April though I decided to fully abandon Dan as I could no longer stand his behavior, trying to persuade me to get intimate.

After a few days, Chris suddenly died and Anne had to return to Cyprus to bury him. I had already mentioned to Anne from before, that I had a business trip that would last from Monday to Thursday that week. After the death of Chris, she told me the burial would be on Tuesday. I asked her to move it to Friday so I could be with her but she manically refused and I had already left Cyprus, not being able to return on time for the burial which I have no witness if it ever took place.

Upon my return, I tried to meet with her numerous times but it was never possible as she always had an excuse. All this time, and up to today, she calls me and messages me numerous times per day, checking how I am, pretending to be future husband and wife etc. Suddenly one day she mentioned that because her sister could not get pregnant, she had volunteered to act as a surrogate mother and that was why she was so devastated from the death of Chris.

We had promised many times to meet after I returned, but she always refused last moment to meet me, twice changing where she said she was living. Suddenly she had to go to the oncology center and no visitors were allowed to meet her due to her radiation therapy. When I called there, they told me there was no patient with her name.

In addition to the above, I need to mention that she and Dan, always mentioned other things which in the end, I always discovered to be lies. I don't wish to mention what, but I have to mention double rape of Dan within the past 3 months, which I believe was done only in order to gain sympathy.

After 10 months, I am supposed to be able to meet her tomorrow at the oncology center as she will be allowed visitors for the first time. The whole thing seems like a fiasco and I believe something will happen that will postpone this. I need the opinion of other people on this as I have never been able to talk to anyone about the above situation. I believe they both suffer from Munchhausen Syndrome as it is impossible for everyone around them to be dying (including on almost a monthly basis one of their best friends dying from cancer, biological and stepfather of Dan, two sisters and birth child of Anne etc).
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Re: Possible Case(s) of Munchausen Syndrome

Postby Oyster » Thu May 18, 2017 3:03 am

I know you probably think you know her voice well, but are you sure Dan isn't Anne?
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Re: Possible Case(s) of Munchausen Syndrome

Postby realityhere » Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:28 am

That's a lotta sickness and dying going on.

The "Dan and Anne" show seems like a questionable con job, possibly a ruse to gain your sympathy, your attention, maybe your money. Looks to me more like Malingering syndrome and maybe not, maybe more something with criminal intent, but I'm no doctor or sleuth and that's strictly my opinion. The only verifiable evidence is that you met Dan with Anne, and everything else seems hearsay from that point on.

You can always consult with a private investigator to check out Dan and Anne. Or, block all your social media/ phone from Anne/Dan and consider yourself lucky to have dodged a bullet.
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