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Munchausen by Internet?

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Munchausen by Internet?

Postby MayraMM » Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:34 pm

Let's have another go at this, shall we? LOL! (The system ate my post last time!)

There is an interesting case of a woman whose 20-year-old daughter committed suicide Dec 2011. That's sad enough; the girl was beautiful, talented and by all accounts, special. Sadly, she took a massive overdose of amitriptyline in order to end her life.

Her mother, it would seem on the surface, became convinced that her daughter was stalked and then murdered. This last summer she started blogging about the incident, blogging day by day to correspond to the year earlier when the "stalking" began, leading up to this last December to correspond when her daughter died.

It was a compelling read; heart-warming, sad, poignant. But then things started to get a little odd; not adding up. It became noticed that the mother would change her story to fit what her readers were suggesting, even contradicting previous posts to do so. Then she decided (by the help of her readers) that a neighbor boy committed the stalking and murder, and named him by name on this public blog. She then added the girlfriend of the boy, her father, and his mother as conspirators. By this time, she was claiming the police were inept, the coroner fumbling, and the medical examiner incompetent.

A group of us decided to dig a little deeper. We ordered all the official reports and I personally spoke with some of the officials in charge.

By the reports, it's very obvious the girl committed suicide. Her mother's claims that a (now) group of people bypassed several cameras (cameras pointing towards the street and berm in back, not the daughter's window or front door), motion detectors, and light detectors to break into her home, which was locked with a keypad, force feed her daughter liquid horse medication (a suggestion by a reader) that was also a "date rape cocktail", then stayed until she died, raped her (no signs of rape at all on autopsy), re-dressed her, then snuck out unnoticed by the parents or the dogs, just didn't add up. The toxicology screen showed the only medications on board were those prescribed to the girl for porphyria, and the medications' metabolites. This medication was not in liquid form; there were fragments in the stomach contents, so the liquid amitriptyline date rape cocktail is just not possible, not to mention unavailable.

On further research, we discovered that the girl had been exhibiting hallucinations in the form of feelings of being watched and followed shortly before her "stalking" and death. In fact, the mother insisted on standing orders in the emergency room to treat her daughter's acute intermittent porphyria attacks (which she now denies the daughter ever had, stating no tests proved the diagnosis, forgetting to mention that she herself was the one who refused the recommended tests). Hospital personnel charted these hallucinations.

Furthermore, the estranged daughter-in-law claims that the 2 most compelling pieces of evidence the mother has of a stalker were actually the mother's own son and daughter-in-law caught on film, stating that the mother knew it was them and the stalking was faked from the beginning. In essence, she lied to the police.

So now we have a woman who took her daughter's hallucinations and played off them around the time the girl was making plans to move away from home and move to Europe. Instead, for safety's sake, mom insisted the girl not move away from them, but rather move with them to a more secure home, which she insisted was being happening because of the "stalking". In truth, the house they were living in was foreclosed and they had to move, but mom added to the girl's feelings of guilt by claiming they had to move because of her stalking.

Even further digging found that when the girl was young, she supposedly was exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty flue, and even though the family possessed monitors, they failed to install them. No one else in the home suffered ill effects. This chronic exposure caused the girl to experience debilitating stomach pains for most of her life, resulting in having to be home-schooled. Years after being removed from the alleged exposure site, she was treated with hyperbaric treatments for the exposure (even tho by then there would have been nothing in her blood system to clear). They sued the home owners in this case. They also sued for alleged brain damage to the husband due to a head injury (the details aren't available) and now have a donate button on the blog. Monetization is a big consideration in this case.

It wasn't until the girl turned 18 that she herself stopped the medications her mother had her on, tho she would continue to experience bouts of severe stomach distress. It was at this time of her first steps towards independence that the "stalking" began.

To complicate matters further, the mother, seeing that her story was being questioned and not believed, hired a group of people to troll the Internet and try to defame the people who do not believe her and are trying to get the real story told in order protect the innocent people being blamed. She has allowed comments on her blog calling for violence against the children of the accused so they would know what it felt like, have threatened me, and claim they themselves are being threatened, tho fail to show any proof whatsoever. The mother even alleges the stalking continues to this day.

When you read her blog, you can see the words she's picked as keywords down at the bottom. Some of these are disturbing. She mentions the death of pets that are still alive. She has also made mention of if something were to happen to her or her husband, not to believe it was suicide or an accident. This is alarming for the sake of the husband and the pets.

The medical examiner believes it was at the least Munchausen by proxy for attention's sake; keeping her child sick for attention. Personally, I'm thinking it might have been worse; maybe it wasn't suicide. LE are afraid if they investigate the woman, it would look like retaliation for the things she's said about them and would make them look bad for attacking a grieving mother.

A newly described order might also be in play here; Munchausen by Internet, a phenomenon where someone either fakes an illness or fakes an illness or trauma in a family member to get sympathy from strangers on the Internet.

Take a look at the sites I've posted. It's a lot of material. I'd be really interested in everyone's take.

Full disclosure: I am part of a group of people who built the sites that post the police reports, autopsy, toxicology screen and death investigation. I also try to help the families of the accused, as well as the accused, by countering the mother's allegations with proven truths. I refuse to print rumor or unsubstantiated claims. I have never met any of the people involved in this case. All of these allegations are easily disproven, but this is the extent she is going to in order to stop people from questioning her story.

Sorry for the length of this post. I'm anxious to hear from everyone about their feelings regarding this very interesting case.
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