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What is Mental Health ?

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What is Mental Health ?

Postby Prof. Mental Health » Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:53 am

Mental health deals with the way in which the mind, spirit and body connect with each other as an operational unit. These three are inseparable because for the mind to work its needs the spirit and the spirit need the body for expression. These are the important aspect of a human life as they are the deciding factor in the issue of accomplishment in an individual’s life. Mental health can be seen as the natural and divine steadiness of a person. The mind, spirit and body works together to accomplish targets put down by individuals. So their functionality is very important and must not be taken lightly. Every individual must ensure stability in their minds, spirit and body in order to enjoy life.

An individual can be said to be in good mental health when such a one can think, produce and carry out research. In order words, an individual can identify any problem and work out the solution conveniently.
The ability to figure out things also assists individuals in solving societal variances that may occur in life while interacting with other people or the environment. Mental health also means maintaining contact with emotions and feelings. This implies that every individual has the capacity to show any disapproved or approved feelings they may be going through.

There is a way to check out mental balance in an individual. This can be measured by the principles or convictions and objective of such individual. Having a skill is rewarding helping individuals to provide the contentment needed. It is good for people to have a good perspective and poise or buoyancy concerning what they do and the situation they encounter every day. Every individual has an innovative piece that will produce joy and happiness and the ability to carry out significant assignment while enjoying themselves.

It is characteristic of mentally balanced people to want to associate and hang out with people around as they have the knowledge of their individual personality. Individuals can only be as physically powerful and triumphant as they think they are and aspire to become. In order not to live a solitary life, there is need to mix with people and satisfy this important aspect of human life.

Mental health involves having an affirmative mind set concerning life if life is to be enjoyed and not endured. There is no need to be selective and picky because it will only lead the individual to mental instability. Each and every person possesses the capability to set their minds aright in order to be an achiever in life.

It can be deduced from the above points raised that mental health or wellness is a prerequisite to living a good, rewarding and satisfying life. So, care must be taken to ensure that the mind, spirit and the body are in good order as they function together, with this, appropriate positive attitude towards life will be developed that will lead individuals to greater height in the field of endeavor and life in general. As individuals it is possible to surmount any problem or conflict that comes along in life’s journeys.
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