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What is a Mental Disorder?

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What is a Mental Disorder?

Postby Prof. Mental Health » Wed Sep 07, 2011 5:44 pm

Mental disorder is a behavioral model that is connected with biased suffering which takes place in an individual. This is not normal in human developmental growth. There are several conceptions about this disorder however; it is diagnosed according to the level of hurt done to other people around the patient.

Mental disorder can be classified in to different angles of human behavior. There is a disorder of the mind called anxiety which obstruct normal functioning of the mind. An example of this is precise phobias, common anxiety disorders, societal anxiety disorder etc. Human emotion can also develop into disorder. This involves serious grief, anguish otherwise referred to as Clinical depression.

Thought patterns, belief system, use of language can all be disordered. Individual’s personality that has effect on their mind or thought pattern and behavior spanning through circumstances and conditions can also become disordered if it is concluded to be unyielding and maladaptive. Various types of personality disorder are antisocial, schizotypal and schizoid personality disorders.

There are different causes of mental disorders, though there is no specific cause that is regular, it all varies from individual to individual. However, it is commonly seen that mental disorder is as a result of inherited helplessness revealed by environmental stressors. Statistics taken showed that mental disorder is strongly related to child abuse which can be physical, sexual or emotional or abandonment of children when they are growing up.

Research has shown that genes can also be related to causing issues that has to do with mental disorders, although this assertion has not been clearly proven. Events in the environment around pregnancy and childbirth can also be considered. Serious Injury done to the brain, viral infection and the use of hard drugs are other causes of mental disorder.

The neurotransmitter systems such as dopamine, glutamate and norepinephrine when they malfunction can also result to mental disorder. So also, are mental mechanisms such as reason which is cognitive, emotions and temperament.

People that have experienced painful and stressful life, employment problems, lack of social consistency can also have mental disorder if not properly worked out.

Mental disorder can be diagnosed by psychiatrist. They looked out for the client’s difficulties and circumstances. Some mental disorder issues are diagnosed by family doctors during discussions with such patient and are then referred to proper mental health professionals for adequate treatment. Physicians diagnosing mental health disorder look out for such fact like the appearance and behavior of the mentally ill persons, their mental health history and recent life situations. The report from the family members, associates and friends of the patient can also help in diagnosing the patient accurately.

Mental disorder cases can be referred to psychiatric hospitals, clinics and community health centres. The disorder can be treated by the use of Psychotherapy which is of different types. There is cognitive, psychoanalysis, family therapy etc. The use of medication can also be employed in treating mental ill persons. Such medication includes antidepressants, use for treating clinical depression and anxiety disorders, anxiolytics use for treating insomnia and other issues that are related to it. Also there is a mood stabilizer which is used in treating bipolar disorder, antipsychotics for treating psychotic disorders patients and many others. So, these are some detailed information on how to manage mental disorder.
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