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Dissociative identity causes

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Dissociative identity causes

Postby Prof. Mental Health » Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:16 pm

The term dissociation can be described as a state where the integrated functioning related to a person's identity, which includes memory, consciousness and awareness about ones surroundings gets disrupted or eliminated. Dissociation is that mechanism, which allows the human mind to compartmentalize or separate certain memories and thoughts from their normal consciousness. These memories do not get erased but get buried. These memories may resurface back at some point of time later. The concept of dissociation is related with hypnosis. Here the hypnotic trance involves some form of temporarily altered state in consciousness. It occurs along some spectrum or a continuum, which may be mild. This dissociation can also be some part in the ranges of some normal experience. It can also be severe in form and may pose problems for that individual who experiences the dissociation.

There is a severe dissociation form, which characterizes patients with dissociative identity disorder has been understood as result from some series of causes. Some causes of this dissociative Identity can be described as:

Influence of some relatives who have some kind of dissociative disorders or symptoms.
- Repeated episodes related to severe physical abuse
- Sexual abuse in the childhood period
- Lack of supportive and loving people for counteracting abusive relative(s)

There are several other factors which cause the interaction with dissociative identity in people. Some of those several factor include:

- Insufficient protection and lack of nurturing during the childhood phase
- Overwhelming stress
- The ability to separate a person’s perceptions, memories or his identity from a normal conscious awareness into an abnormal psychological development.

The primary cause, which has been associated with this dissociative identity, appears to be in the form of severe and prolonged traumatic experiences during ones childhood. This traumatic experience can be a combination of dreadful memories of physical, emotional or sexual abuse. There is one theory that describes about young children who have faced a routine of trauma, fear, torture, neglect or sexual abuse, often dissociate themselves by creating a separate identity or a personality state to forget their trauma. This primary identity helps them to escape from those unbearable experiences. Dissociative identity is very easy for young children to achieve thus becoming a useful defense. This strategy helps them to displace their suffering onto a different identity. These are some of the causes of dissociative identity.
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