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Depression causes

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Depression causes

Postby Prof. Mental Health » Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:06 am

Depression is a mental health disorder that can affect the wellbeing of an individual. There are different causes of depression hence it is not so easy to point out the exact causes of it. Different persons may suffer from depression but each of the causes may vary with each individual. What could cause the disorder in one individual may not necessarily be the cause of it in another individual.

There are two main root causes of depression and any case of the disorder is likely to be caused by either of these two causes.

Genetic Causes is the first one. Depression in some cases can be inherited from affected parents. It is possible for children of parents that have suffered from major depression to contact clinical depression. Though it is not always the case for such children to suffer from depression but there is a high chance of it happening.

Psychological causes is the second main cause. This is the most common cause of depression. Psychological causes refer to such things as the mental health of a patient, how he copes with stress, his past life experiences, his present state of mind etc. Unpleasant life occurrences like the loss of a dear family member or going through very difficult times makes it highly possible for an individual to develop the disorder. How an individual handles such sad life occurrences will also determine the chances of developing the ailment. A person who handles such sad life occurrences in a more pessimistic manner is more likely to develop depression than someone who has an optimistic outlook in life.

Since there are different reasons why a person can become depressed, it will help for an individual to identify possible reasons why he may develop depression and possible things he could do to alleviate the condition. However, individuals who are exceptionally depressed or having thoughts of committing suicide are advised to immediately seek medical help. They must make an appointment to see and talk to a medical doctor as quickly as they can as that could help to avoid any unpleasant happening.

One important thing to note is that individuals who had suffered from depression at one time or the other in life are more likely to have a repeat of the disorder. About five out of every ten persons who have suffered depression before have a greater chance of developing it again at other times. Those who have never suffered from the disorder should try to avoid possible factors that could trigger it. An important help will be to be more optimistic about life and life occurrences.

In summary, there are different possible reasons why people suffer from depression. Some can become depressed after facing terrible life situations and others could inherit it from affected parents. People suffering from depression should try to identify possible causes of the condition and try to find out things they could do to improve their mental health. Those who are extremely depressed and having suicidal thoughts should seek medical help as soon as possible.
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