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Dementia causes

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Dementia causes

Postby Prof. Mental Health » Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:03 pm

Dementia is a mental health disorder that is characterized by memory failure and inability to do normal daily routine. This is a very serious case of mental health and it is common around people who are at the threshold of 65 years and above. There are two causes of this mental disorder which are Alzheimer’s disease and Vascular dementia. The major activities of these two causes of dementia are to damage the cells of the brain thereby making worse the brain’s task.

Alzheimer’s disease which is the first cause of dementia starts by having an effect on memory that is current. Then it moves on to serious damaging of manifold brain tasks and may sooner or later cause the death of the sufferer. Due to the damage caused to the brain, the patients tend to suffer memory loss or failure which is the first warning signs of this disorder. The Alzheimer’s disease causes damage to the brain in a deliberate sequence. This can be treated by reducing the sequence of brain damage. There is no total cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

The second cause of Dementia mental health disorder is vascular dementia. This occur regularly as a result of stroke. It is a condition whereby there is lack of blood flowing to the brain. As it is widely known, the brain needs blood to sustain brain cell movements. When this is lacking, the cells also lacks oxygen and the needed nutrition to carry out their duties and so they begin to die off. What blood does to the brain is the same thing food does to the human body. The body cannot live without food for a long period of time, it will die. The same thing applies to brain cells; they cannot function without the flow of blood. This result of this causes a condition known as vascular dementia. This condition can also be caused by increased pressure in the blood and heart related disease. To solve this problem, patients are strongly advised to work hand in hand with their doctors to put in check medical situation that may reduce or stop the flow of blood to the brain cells. The earlier this is done, the better for the patients concerned.

As seen above, the two common causes of dementia are Alzheimer’s disease which commonly occur among the elderly people around the age of 65 years old and affect the memory of the patient and vascular dementia which is lack of blood flow to the brain cells. These are not the only condition that can cause dementia. It can be caused by every factor that can lead to reduction in the functionality of the brain. However, the only remedy to dementia is to try to find medical help if the signs mentioned above starts to show up. The doctor or physician will be able to do appropriate diagnosis and prescription for the condition early. It is better to treat it early that to allow it to degenerate into something bigger that may be difficult to handle.
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