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Compulsive lying causes

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Compulsive lying causes

Postby Prof. Mental Health » Sun Aug 28, 2011 2:13 pm

Lying is a common trait that is easily noticed in most people. It is what people grew up to learn probably from people around them or their parents. Some children are even taught how to lie out rightly either by their friends, family members or classmates at school. This is probably done to escape punishment that may result from wrongdoing and to cover up atrocities or to look respectable which is not often the result. Many of this patients received embarrassment and disgrace as a result of this problem. Now, lying becomes a mental health disorder when it is done irrationally at any given time in any given place. The effect of telling lies is distressing to persons concerned and the people associated with them, especially when such lies are found out to be untrue.

There are three causes of compulsive lying disorder and each of them will be adequately tackled in this article.

The first one is compulsive lying disorder caused by antisocial personality disorder. This is related to mental health disorder. In this condition the symptoms of the disorder is irrational lying that can be seen in manipulation, exploitation, and violation of individual right of people around the patients. This can be done for personal gains and for other reasons. People affected with compulsive lying disorder engage in it over a long period of time.

The causes of this mental health disorder can also be attributed to genetic factors and child abuse. Many children of parents having this disorder, grow up to behave in similar ways. Apparently, the parents teach their children to do so or the child can pick it up from parents by merely watching them do it. There is no way a lying parent will not teach their children to lie too, one or the other such child will pick it up.

Conduct disorder is another cause of compulsive lying disorder that is more prevalent among the male gender whether young or old. Patients affected with it normally involve themselves in criminal activities like stealing, ganging, getting involved in assassinations and the use of hard drugs. These can be traced to family problems, parental alcoholism and child abuse. Many parents neglected their children in their growing up years when such ones needed proper instruction on how to live in the society. Such children grow up to have conduct disorder. Therapies are used to treat people with this disorder and they are able to grow out of it.

Another cause of compulsive lying disorder mental issue is interdependence. This issue refers to people depending or relying on each other mutually. When people like this acts or behaves in certain ways, their behavior has a way of robbing of on their partners. For people who tell lies often, telling the truth for once might pose a fear of losing the other partner. So they keep on telling lies day in day out and before they know it, it turns out to be a mental health disorder known as compulsive lying disorder.
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