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Anxiety causes

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Anxiety causes

Postby Prof. Mental Health » Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:36 pm

Anxiety disorder can be caused by different factors. The causes of this disorder various from one person to another. Factors that triggers anxiety is also different from individual to individual, however, there are factors that are capable of causing fear attacks. Such factors include hereditary tendencies, personality, traumatic experiences, and medical predicaments. These factors can multiply or enhance anxiety circumstances.

Anxiety is a mental health disorder that can be caused by hereditary tendencies. Some people inherited anxiety from their parents or family members. Also, the surroundings or settings where people grow up are also one of the causes of anxiety disorder. This cause of anxiety is backed up with research and so it is authentic and correct. It is discovered that siblings from parents who has this disorder also have it too. Some of the anxieties are learnt during the developmental stages in life, which is in childhood years. However, this can be treated perfectly, so there is no room for fear.

Personality is another cause of anxiety. These are of different types of personalities. Some of them have a greater risk of getting anxious than others. Example of this is low self –reassurance. Individuals with low self-reassurance get more anxious than other people with high or average self-reassurance. Stress is another cause of this disorder. This is seen in people that are hardworking. They tend to have anxiety attacks when work is not done and so they struggle to do it. Uncompromising workers can also have this disorder in that, they tend to work towards perfection and when this is not done, they can have anxiety disorder. Personality problems can be solved by giving more room for things to be done and not been rigid. Sufferers should learn to be flexible with work and schedules; nothing should be cast in concrete.

Traumatic experiences can also cause anxiety attacks. This is especially true in adults who were sexually abused when they were growing up. This attack becomes more visible when they are adult, because they still remember and carry along such terrible experiences. By doing this, it becomes difficult for them to handle life’s challenges. The good news is that therapy has been provided to help people in this circumstance.

Medical predicament has been known to be one of the causes of anxiety. Medical condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer has a way of increasing the sufferer’s anxiety levels. This is because of the seriousness of the condition in question especially in a case where there is no medically known solution to the condition.

From the causes mentioned above, it can be seen that anxiety is a mental disorder that can be caused by many factors such as hereditary tendencies, personality, traumatic experiences and medical predicament. However, hope is not lost for those suffering from this attack. Help can be received through therapy and the readiness of the sufferers to help themselves in getting back their lives.
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