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Too late for sex?

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Too late for sex?

Postby EpcotPete » Fri May 24, 2019 7:29 pm

I am a 67 year old happily married man with grown up family and grand-children. I am retired and have no money, housing or any other worries - bar one!
I had problems with my prostrate about 10 years ago and had to have the bore opened out (TURPS). I understood that in doing so I would not be able to ejaculate semen - but would still have an orgasim.
The prostrate operation went well but the uretha (pee-hole) was scarred reducing flow, so I had to have that opened out twice. All was well and I could orgasim by hand or with my wifes hand. We had not had intercouse for many years since her menopause but had enjoyable mutual hand sex.
The problem is for some time I miss the feeling of ejaculation and physically seeing semen. The result is no erection. My wife and I have tried many things, pills off the doctor, vacuum pumps, penis rings, vibrators and various creams to no avail. I now love watching guys and gays cumming on compilation videos on sex internet sites. I have thoughts on having sex with men and am so wound-up inside because I still cannot have an erection or orgasim. I am so unhappy and fed-up with myself. I have talked to my wife who says 'what will be will be' due to my age and operations, but that does not help although I love her to bits.
Has anyone got any ideas or advice?
I appreciate your time
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Re: Too late for sex?

Postby Snaga » Sat May 25, 2019 4:10 pm

EpcotPete wrote:love watching guys and gays cumming

As a moderator, I first thought 'typo?' then got to the next part...

EpcotPete wrote: I have thoughts on having sex with men

So many questions...

When you say she says, 'what will be will be' is she referring to the lack of orgasms, or the desire to have sex with men?

Do you still have morning wood?

Is... the interest in sex with men a recent thing? Or something that's always piqued the back of your mind? I'm bisexual, myself, but is this a... is this something that exists apart from watching porn? Is it a desire to orgasm vicariously through the act of another male having one? Or is it a thought that something you haven't had or don't currently have, will be exciting enough to help with an erection?

Or maybe I'm reading all this wrong and that's not your intent, that you're just driven to thoughts of it because they're cumming. If it's in your head that's good, at least it's not physical, but I sometimes have performance anxiety, so I know how pernicious that can be in being an erection-killer. It's really hard to NOT think about it, when you're trying to get/keep it up.

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