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Invega Issue with Low Sperm Count

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Invega Issue with Low Sperm Count

Postby saltysuds » Wed Jun 06, 2018 5:17 am

So, I dont recommend doing this, but I did look up a few methods of lowering the effect of prolactin.

after a few days, after being on the med for about 3 weeks, my breast size reduced. this is a positive sign.

im sure i can get horny with stimulation from a woman, however I often find release an enjoyable experience. so, now I dont orgasm as far as I would normally, I ejaculate later, but in smaller amounts. basically. i take longer to cum, i dont cum as long, the release (mental stimulation is smaller). and, the sperm reminds me of when I was a teenager. its pretty much nil, though to be honest when I first start orgasming the amount was huge, so I'm curious if this is affect by my strict no fluoride diet, or my antiviral flora (i eat probiotic with weigh, with foods in small amounts to clean out my system). i also eat soy fermented, and non regularly as the effect on me is mostly neglilible (it makes my hair shiny).

im addressing this with my doctor tomorrow. I'm a large size, so I suspect the dosage is higher (40% fat). I want to effectively have my dosage lowered if possible, as I have had dosages lowered several times. I realize this medication is lowered as it becomes part of my body.

it more or less makes me feel like a teenager, without the emotional angst.

anyway, my questions are simple is prolactin related directly to the causal effect of lower sperm? if my libido is already low, but my sex drive is high over time is this also affected due to the fact I have less incentive to have sex, and masturbate?

thats pretty much it. thank you
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