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Postby c23 » Tue Dec 16, 2014 11:26 pm

look I'm so so so scared i have the anxiety about hiv I'm so scared I've been in a messed up state for about 5 months now long story short 5 month ago i went to the clinic to get tested upon calling 2 weeks later for my results the lay told me neg for clymadia and ghon then she paused and said something to some one that was next to her saying "do i tell him that" that sent my anxiety thru the roof she then came back on the phone and told me i was HSV+ she told me i had herpes i was devastated that was the end of aug its december now and heres what I'm dealing with I'm not trolling with my post just very very scared and want and need help please.

Maybe you can help me out Truthfully I really really need it, for months now approx 4 months ago when i found out I felt like my world had ended. I got so depressed I wasn't sleeping was eating that lasted for 2 and a half weeks and later i lost weight I began to think and worry what if it's something worse I would get so worried i would try and sleep and when I woke up I had a strange sour like taste in my mouth and I had foggy headaches. I began to google my symptoms which I've been told never to do but I did each time I would I would get this anxious feel that would take over and it seem like another symptom would happen Ive had burning sensation like a hot flash feel over my body numbness in hands

a chill and hot spell that would happen that would really freak me out this had been going on since the beginning of October and has since lasted I have a major fear of it being worst then herpes even tho I been tested its still been a thought that I have been able to get rid of its is taking a toll on my body and its scarying me making me think that it's something else have any one else exprinced a severe anxiety like this that physical symptoms lingered for a length of time PLEASE HELP ME
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Postby Ada » Thu Dec 18, 2014 9:21 pm

Yes. Other people have gone through similar fears. Here are some links-

*Trigger warning- they all mention sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. If that might stress you out more than it is reassuring that other people have gone through similar stuff. Please don't click through*

I'm sorry they all have me replying to them. :oops: I'm not an expert or professional! And I don't have any personal experience. I hope some of the original posts and other replies might be helpful though.

There is no way a clinic would test for other diseases and then fail to give you the result if it was positive. It would be malpractice and you could sue them into the ground. So you have herpes [like a lot of other people.] And that is all. The anxiety could easily be causing the other symptoms you're experiencing. Which is a horrific vicious circle. It's not a very exciting answer. But if you are able to talk to a counsellor. I think that might really help. Being able to work through this with someone else logically. Might help to untie the fear you're going through. It might not be easy but it's well worth it.
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