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Doctor - Patient privacy

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Doctor - Patient privacy

Postby BareBalls » Thu Oct 21, 2021 8:03 pm

My normal doctor is female and I have been going to her for over 20 years. Well I had what I would term a cist ( or boil ) develop close to the entrance of my rectum and she stated do not worry about it which next time I saw her it was leaking but forgot to tell her to take a look so I went to another doctor that I had never met before . Now let me mention that I am bisexual and I have never told my regular doctor that I am bisexual , anyways the doctor that I went to see was not only close by but also openly gay . Now I saw him so I could be open about receiving anal from guys and that he would understand that I wished to keep it between him and me and told him that I did not want my regular doctor to know and he said okay . He took care of it and had a bunch of tests done . Now the problem lies with next time I saw my regular doctor she asked me why I had gone to see him and I told her that I had forgotten to have her look at my problem so went to him at a walk - clinic . That was fine with her and stated I see he had sent you for tests and I said yes and she said did you know he tested you for STD's and I said no. Now I am mad as hell as I wanted my sexual preference to remain between me and him . Now ( though she has not said anything ) I wonder what else that other doctor has told my regular doctor who he was not supposed to tell. I feel that it is my right to tell or not to tell that I am bisexual not have someone who I revealed it in a Doctor - Patient atmosphere reveal it to others.
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Re: Doctor - Patient privacy

Postby Snaga » Sat Oct 23, 2021 10:57 pm

Hello, and welcome!

My thoughts are that doctors are going to share test results with each other. It might be common practice to send test results to your regular doctor. Just because she saw tests had been run, doesn't mean that doctor actually told her anything, and I rather doubt he did. Especially if he's gay, surely he understands your desire to be discreet.
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