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Misogyny Question

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Misogyny Question

Postby locutus24 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 1:10 am

I mostly have posted in the ASPD section although I'm not diagnosed with any personality disorder, but when posting there I bring up my issue with extreme misogyny. However, one previous therapist suspected BPD, but I doubt that diagnosis is true. No official diagnosis of any kind, so technically on paper I'm a mentally healthy adult.

I can't seem to find any medical literature that connects misogyny with any illness. I'm gonna assume it's merely a character flaw or blatant immorality/evil. Evil not used in the spiritual sense, rather evil as in bad dude who people should stay away from. And that is true; most people stay away from me and it's mostly my fault since I'm self-centered, manipulative, whiny, and other bad stuff when it comes to women or socializing in general. However, I did try to improve using CBT techniques for 2 years, such as DBT recommended by therapist, but in the end I got burned out and returned to my default ways of thinking, meaning hating women.

I don't know the causes really. I had some neglectful female caretakers, but is it really them to blame? Cause I don't see any peer-reviewed studies that would determine that bad female models would cause misogyny. For instance, my half-brothers had same mom as me, were neglected too, yet they have had numerous girlfriends and don't seem to speak badly of women.

While in ASPD section I mentioned my rape and murder fantasies of women. I know they are bad thoughts/urges to have, but they are in mind each day. I don't think those would've come from bad parenting either. Again an immoral flaw!

A real reason and I admit a pathetic and cliche one for my hatred of women, is probably not getting sex or certain women like I want. I guess more in common with the incel communities. I haven't gotten much sex in life. A little, but nothing satisfactory. With one ex and a few college lays.

So in all honesty, not sure if I even belong on any of these forums. I don't seem to be mentally ill, but rather just bad.

I posted here just cause it's about male health. Wasn't sure where else to post honestly. Don't seem to be a sociopath, though I've had a criminal record and have used violence on others, but people on there didn't see ASPD in me.

I don't know if I'm looking for any answers, but just feedback I guess. You think misogyny is permanent? I'm talking really extreme misogyny here!

I'm probably gonna leave this forum soon but am hoping to hear from some other males.
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Re: Misogyny Question

Postby RottenFish » Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:03 pm

Misogyny is not connected to any mental illness. I know many successful men who are misogynists and they are corporate officers of Fortune 500 companies. So yes, you can be successful, mentally stable, and be a misogynist.

I would never go to a therapist for help because they will only convince you that you are mentally ill.

One day you might wake up and love women -or - you will always be a misogynist. I'm hoping one day you can be happy with who you are - misogynist or not. :P
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