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prostatis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome / cpps

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prostatis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome / cpps

Postby menshealthexp » Sat Sep 09, 2017 7:35 am


If you've found this page you probably will be willing to read through it all so no need to apologize for this being a bit long or disorganized. As there are considered to by mental elements to prostatis/cpps I think this is a good place to post this write-up. This is the story of my prostatitis/cpps and how I managed it and live well today. Can't promise you the same results but I'll share what I did, the mistakes and what might have been good moves and you can judge for yourself. I am not a doctor. Find your self a competent urologist. The following information is purely an account of my own men's health experience that can hopefully supply you with some warnings, some advice, and some encouragement.

The first sign anything was wrong was when I went to take a pee one morning and nothing happened... This had actually happened one time before a number of years earlier, no idea why then, but I waited an hour and things came back to normal. So I tried waiting. But this time it was still the same. I forced and was able to make a tinkling of urine. I went pretty much straight to the hospital.

Not sure how or why it happened. I had been sexually active in the days before? Or maybe the bacteria got in some other way. I don't know.

At the hospital they did an ultrasound. The doctor suggested there was a bladder infection, prescribed me about a weeks worth of ciprofloxacin and anti-inflammatory meds and said that the ultrasound technician thought the problem might be a polyp that was apparently visible on the ultrasound.

Other than maybe a feeling of stiffness in my lower abdomen I didn't notice any particular symptoms besides the barely being able to pee problem.

I took the cipro and things got better. I made an appointment with the urologist and when I went my peeing was back to normal so when he suggested a urethroscopy to check on the supposed polyp I declined and went on my way assuming I was all cured.

Unfortunately, a week later I couldn't pee again. And if I had read more about the issue I probably could have at that time then prevented a whole year of grief...

I noticed that when I ejaculated around this time, nothing came out! Quite alarming. Unfortunately at the time I didn't know two facts that might have helped guide my decision making. The one is that the prostrate is south of the bladder so an uncomplicated bladder infection might not interfere with ejaculation; and the other fact is that men, unlike women, rarely get plain uncomplicated bladder infections.

I went back to the doctor at the hospital. This time she gave me amoxicillin with clavulanic acid if I recall correctly. Again, I was able to pee again after a few days. And then again, it came back and I couldn't urinate again. I had to strain to be able to get out a trickle. This time I went to a different clinic and a different doctor.

This other doctor, this is my fourth trip do a doctor by this time prescribes me ciprofloxacin. I tell him I've already taken this antibiotic, but he insists this is the right treatment.

By this time prostatitis is underway now. I have a constant pain in the lower left of my abdomen, can barely urinate, and when I do there is dreadful burning and I have to involuntarily stop in mid-stream.

So now I'm starting to read about this issue. I realize that sufa-drugs are another treatment option and try that. No effect. I try taking cipro for two weeks. I try taking amoxicillin for ten days. The cipro helped a little, the other two didn't help much. I can barely pee, I can barely ejaculate, and I have an aching constant pain in my left lower abdomen. This was not a happy time.

I go to another doctor or two who give me more obscure antibiotics with no result.

Note! I live in a very Third World country. Which may go partly to explaining the incompetence of the doctors, and is also the reason I can just buy antibiotics at the pharmacy. As I say above, you should find yourself a competent urologist. Had I found a good urologist from the start or even at this point which is about week 8 or 10 I could have avoided all or at least a lot of grief.

So now I start looking for a competent urologist, which is what I should have done in the first place. This doctor is quite far away, but its obviously worth the trip. This doctor does the ultrasound again, says there is no polyp, but what there is is a prostate infection with calcification, as well as a bladder infection. He prescribes me levofloxacin for five days. I return after five days, the pain persists, the urination problem persists, but I can ejaculate, that's at least something. He prescribes me another five days of levofloxacin. The trick here is that levofloxacin is a very tiny molecule and it can get through the membrane that protects the prostrate. So basically what was happening was an anti-biotic would clear up the bladder infection but since there was also a prostate infection it would keep coming back. By the way, cipro can cross the membrane too but you need to take it for many weeks to totally kill an infection in the prostrate.

So now my status is apparently bacteria free. But I'm still in pain and can't urinate normally and it burns. Since the urologist I went to is far away I decide to follow up with a urologist who is closer. Should have stuck with the original guy. Alas. This doctor does a bacteria culture and orders a uroflowmetry and a urethra- x-ray. The bacterial result is negative. So reluctantly I do the uroflowmety which I consider useless since I can easily enough describe my urine flow to the doctor, I also do the urethra-x-ray which was botched by incompetent staf who were shoving tubes up my penis and trying to shoot a x-ray fluid up the tube. A total horror and since the images are botched the doctor concludes I must have an obstructed urethra, or so it appears in the x-ray and he also advises me to have a colonoscopy to see if the pain might be coming from the intestine. He is also very keen to have me do a uroscopy and suggests a surgery. I can just see the dollar signs flashing in this urologists eyes. I basically tell him to his face he is an incompetent quack and get the heck out of there. And make an appointment once again with the far away urologist.

By now I have read everything I could find both pop and scholarly on urology and am pretty much convinced the problem is prostatitis/cpps. I start taking alpha-blockers. I forget now, a few years having passed which one I chose, but it was the one not associated with cancer. I took these drugs, which relax the prostrate muscles together with a general muscle relaxant, tizanidine, I took them for 90 days. I also took plenty of over the counter pain killers, both NSAID and paracetamol. I'll get into more details of my recover regimen below...

I eventually get my appointment with the far away urologists. He agrees with my prostatitis/cpps opinion. He suggests eperisone instead of tizanidine since it doesn't cause drowsiness. And otherwise agrees I'm following the right course. He specifically mentions hitting the spa regularly but cautions, as the literature says, that message can be dangerous since there are so many incompetent masseuses. No doubt!

So, here is what I did from around the time of the negative bacterial culture up until really today, about two or three years on. So you know, by about 1 year from the beginning of this ordeal I was basically back to normal except that my pee is a little slow and it tend to go crooked after ejaculating.

Firstly I started taking magnesium supplements since magnesium is important for muscle function. I believe the muscle that is damaged is the one which runs between the hip and the bladder opening, the obturator internus. There are many delicate muscles in the pelvic floor and it may be this or another and different people may have one or a combo of these muscles damaged. It was obviously hardened and I could feel it stiff between the mid-line and pelvic bone. I also notice that if I have a sore hip or lower back this prostatitis/cpps thing starts to bother me like in the old days. What really got me is leaning forward a little when sitting. That set the pain of for the rest of the day.

I got a standing desk. I avoided sitting, I probably sat no more than thirty minutes a day tops for months.

I started jogging almost every day but tapered that down to twice a week, and walked several times a day. I also started an extensive hour a day routine of stretching, yoga moves, Feldekrais, and exercises.

Note that there are two schools of thought on this, the one is that exercise will improve blood flow helping to clean the waste out of the muscle, which leads to a vicious circle or pain, tightening and waste in the muscle. The other school holds that taking it easy and relaxing will help more than agitating the muscle with exercise.

I basically chose the exercise option but tried to also be mindful that stress, in my case particularly anger leads very quickly to prostatitis/cpps pain.

A few pieces of research are worth mentioning, migrant workers in Malysia have more prostatitis/cpps problems than the locals, implying that the stress of being a migrant laborer aggravates prostatitis/cpps. The other is that people wit more sexual concerns, for example worries about if they are a homosexual, also have higher rates of trouble with prostatitis/cpps, suggesting we store or sexual stress in the musculature of our pelvic region. Point being, relax, and confront any sexual issues you might have.

Nextly, people in cold countries have higher rates of prostatitis/cpps problems than those in warm. Cold and stress and muscle issues are all interconnected.

I used medicated oil. I used a hot pad and then alternated it with a cold pack, hearing that hot increases circulation and cold reduces inflammation. I found a spa which has a hot tub and a cold tub to do contrast-hydro-therapy at. Ten hot, ten cold ten recover, and cycled that two or three times every Sunday, but now that's down to once a month.

I drank lots and lots of water.

I did practice very gentle massage on the stiff muscle. Careful not to injure the muscle.

I started eating foods that have a reputation for, or else research support for these qualities: vascular dilation, muscle relaxant, or anti-inflammatory. For example water melon rind or fresh turmeric. Also I took Bee Pollen and Saw Palmetto supplements.

I made a herbal tea weekly with spices that have association with vascular dilation, muscle relaxant, or anti-inflammatory. That includes cardamom, fenugreek, cloves, star anise, ginseng, date honey, honey with royal jelly and propolis, Chinese dates, wolf berries, red ginger, white ginger and fennel.

And that's my story. The constant aching pain started to reduce after about six months. After a year it was rarely an issue. A few years later now it is almost never an issue except that as I mention my urine is a bit slower than it used to be, and I pee a bit crooked after ejaculation. My quality of life is recovered, I'm married, I recently got a fertility test which was very healthy, and many of the healthy eating and exercise habits I learned in the worst days I still stick with today. I hope some of this advice can be of use to others who are facing or know someone who is facing prostatitis/cpps.
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