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Severe Headaches After Playing the Choking Game

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Severe Headaches After Playing the Choking Game

Postby anonymoused » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:58 pm

My brother and I stupidly decided to play a variant of the choking game to see who was stronger and it went wrong. The rules were that the legs would squeeze the other person's neck until that person gave up (signalled by tapping out), whoever tapped out first was the loser and therefore weaker.

My brother was up first and I let go after about 220 seconds (we would count out loud) as I couldn't get him to tap out. When it was his turn to choke me, I didn't take it seriously as I'm 18 years old, 6'0 and 140 pounds and he is a mere 11 years old, 4'9 and 60 pounds. I assumed that I wouldn't tap out either. So I was surprised by the pain and by the time my brother had counted to 3, I had already tapped out. I claimed that I wasn't ready and we did it again. This time I didn't submit and passed out around the 15 second mark. My brother didn't notice I was knocked out and continued squeezing.
He said that around the 200 second mark he noticed that I was shaking severely and so he let go. After that, I was out cold for about 10 minutes, my mouth was foaming and I had urinated and excreted.

After that, I felt very dizzy and had a headache but I didn't feel that it warranted a doctor but now I've noticed some possible symptoms. I've thrown up twice since the choke (yesterday) and it took me about 10 minutes to stand up after waking up today. But most of all, I'm feeling really weak all the time. So today, because I can be quite petty, challenged by brother to an arm wrestle and lost quite badly. My reaction times were a lot slower than usual and my strength was a lot worse than usual and I lost with 2 arms versus his 1. Obviously this wouldn't usually happen and it's from the effect of the choke. When should I expect these symptoms to go away? It's making me really insecure when I'm around my brother.

Also, what was the shaking? Did I have some kind of seizure? I've read a lot about the dangerous side effects and I've had really intense headaches since the incident yesterday. Will this go away too? My friend told me that sometimes people shake after getting knocked out and it's normal, so I didn't go to the doctor. Should I go? What do you all make of my symptoms?
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Re: Severe Headaches After Playing the Choking Game

Postby helloagain » Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:56 pm

We are not doctors. Please consult a doctor IMMEDIATELY before it gets serious. Never take things for granted. There could be some things going on in your body even now that you can never know about until it's too late.
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