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I don't trust my doctor.

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I don't trust my doctor.

Postby FreakOfTheDemonDoll » Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:20 am

The pelvis pain has been going on for months to about a year.
The groin pain is new, I know what caused the groin pain but I won't go into it.
But I think the pelvis pain had to do with my laptop always being on my lap.
Now, I think this is where things got confused.
I think the doctor thinks the groin testicle pain and pelvis pain are connected, which, they are, but not quite.
You see, the testicle pain made the pelvis pain worse, but it wasn't what caused the pelvis pain.
The doctor only checked my testicles, did not check my pelvis, did not do any x rays, just told me that the only thing I can do is take pain medicine.
I want to go back to him and tell him that the pelvis pain is unrelated to the groin pain in the sense that the pelvis pain has always been an issue it's just the groin pain is making it worse.
I don't trust my doctor, I think he could of at least checked for a hernia or something, I want to go back in about a week or 2 but I feel like he'll think I'm ridiculous and just wasting his time even though this is a big issue and if it doesn't get the proper treatment I don't know what to do I don't wanna go crazy or say anything crazy so I'll just keep calm and just I don't know, I feel like the pelvis thing is getting worse and like I said I am not going into detail with what gave me groin pain, it's too personal and embarrassing.
I just want help, and if I can't get help, then I will go in a downward spiral times infinity!
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