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Middle age crisis, or..?

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Middle age crisis, or..?

Postby WoodNight » Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:43 am

Good day, dear members of the forum, some uncertainty has recently appeared, I do not understand what I want. Life as such did not take place can be said. I am 34 years old, neither family nor own housing, although friends consider me to be a rather intelligent person. I can understand a lot of things, for me rarely constitute caic or difficulties in urgent tasks, be it at work or at part-time work. But I feel pretty miserable. I have nothing to talk about with people, social networks as such are no longer enticing, and virtual communication is already reduced to zero. What's wrong with me? Can I still grow as a person, or is it too late to change something? One gets the impression that part of life has gone nowhere ..
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