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New member to Psychforums, come give us a post and tell us a bit about yourself.


Postby TheHiveMind » Fri Apr 30, 2021 11:42 am

We are a system, as of today there are 6 of us. Majority of us are non-human. None of us go by the name of the body so we'll list the names, genders and species here.
Syra (genderfluid) demon wolf and genet.
Boi: (intersexed, he/him) cat
Raven (he/him) fallen angel.
Shadow (he/him) ghost spirit type being
Lou (she/her) human far as aware (little)
Rainar (she/her) carnivours horse

Collectively we suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety, BPD... and I cant remember the others.

We like art and crafts. History and nature. Collecting books on mythology.

Hopefully we can find like minded people and learn more about ourselves.
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Re: Hi

Postby Snaga » Sun May 02, 2021 6:24 pm

Hello and welcome to the forums!

DID is our busiest forum- you'll find plenty of systems to talk with I think. Everyone having a different experience to compare yours with. And sometimes a system has an insight that another system will find helpful.
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Re: Hi

Postby Gaiasystem » Mon May 03, 2021 6:44 pm

Hello!! Welcome :D Mega nice ta' meet ya's
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Re: Hi

Postby CrazySquirrel789 » Tue May 04, 2021 5:05 am

Hi there :)
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