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New member to Psychforums, come give us a post and tell us a bit about yourself.


Postby banal » Thu Jan 02, 2020 1:59 am

Hi, my nickname is banal and I'm a new member. Currently I feel hindered in moving forward successfully at junior college and at work. My expectations for joining are to seek reasonable feedback about A) adapting to the growing complexity in my life B) developing my personal identity C) rectifying personality faults D) how to cope with attentional issues as it pertains to managing symptoms and gaining confidence in myself.

I'm seeing a therapist. I'm seeing an NP for medication to treat ADHD-PI. There may be generalized anxiety as well. I'm an unusual responder to stimulants all seem too strong because they cause affective deficiency or whatever, like I can't smile and stuff like that. Strateera isn't an option. So I'

I like the BIG 5 researched based personality model and describe myself. I'm high in openess to experience, medium in conscientiousness insofar as I have trouble with remembering details (a cause of past employment issues), low in extroversion (but assertive in most social situations way), and fairly low in neuroticism. I omitted the tests percentages or whatever because I felt that simple low medium and high ratings suffice.

Nice to meet everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
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