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Back here again...

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Back here again...

Postby darklollix » Mon Apr 22, 2019 6:14 pm

I'm Clemence, 18. I'm on here again for PTSD related things and the professed BDD I'm supposed to have according to lying doctors. A month ago, I used to go so well, I thought I was very pretty. I just had trauma that's all. Life was great, although I did do a lot of illegal dangerous $#%^. It was great. Now because of a stupid internet research on attractiveness bias, I'm beyond depressed, house bound, you get the story. Because of this, got no one to talk to anymore about my demons from the past. I'm scared to resume my life, I'm deathly scared of looking ugly. Please don't comment anything on how looks don't matter, I won't listen to that. I need surgery probably.
Anyway, I sounded a bit too pathetic. Haha.

Hope you're day won't suck,
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