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Hello everybody

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Hello everybody

Postby Giovà » Sat Feb 23, 2019 7:08 am


first and foremost apologise me for spelling mistakes, I am native Italian and that's my mother language, I try my best with English but besides not being my main language the other problem is that I tend to be loquacious and this applies also to typing since I use all of my fingers on the keyboard and as such I can type a loooooot...

Introduction is something I will save you off of, it would take ages for me to type and you would switch not to the next thread but rather switch the computer off :lol:

I have loads of questions to ask, food addiction (sugar sugar sugar!!!), relationships issues, self isolation... but to start with I have a question to ask with regards to where to start my first thread whose question would be "why can't I let myself go?"

Many examples of how I don't let myself go or, better, how much of a control freak I am, I can drink (which is not a habit but it sometimes happens) and not get drunk (whilst in some other rare occasions I can let it easily go with very little) as well as I can control meds or behaviours (which is also a "built in" feature) but to start with I'd like to understand why I can't even allow myself to cry and this is when I am on my totally own (which accounts for a good 80% of my life even tho I have a family).

In which section should I start my thread about "letting it go/self control freakiness"?

Grazie a tutti

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