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Postby dannypk16 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:52 pm

Even though danny's not exactly my name, I'd rather use danny than my real and exact name. I like music, especially punk rock - it really got me into anarchism and nihilism and completely liberated me. I love politics and philosophy, even though every time I debate someone has to take me for stupid or crazy for saying things like "no one deserves being in a prison for any reason" or "chaos is better than what you think".

I think the fact of being criticised and because of people taking me for stupid and crazy I really went crazy and last year I started experiencing some antisocial traits in me, but not that kind of special. I mean, I want to steal things I need and I can't have, I want to kill people I really hate, even if I haven't got a real reason to do it, I want to be isolated from society since people don't deserve me.

I never went to a therapist or did any kind of professional psychological test to prove if I suffer from ASPD, first off because I dislike the idea of going to hospitals, therapists and all of that (especially if I've got to pay). Secondly, because it's not that easy saying "i'm going to a therapist because I think I'm kinda antisocial", sometimes it's better not knowing the truth from you.

TL;DR - possibly ASPD, but not gonna take a test to determine if I've got something in my head. I hate long presentations man
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