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Hello Everyone

Postby claytonBP » Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:15 am

I have suffered from bipolar my entire life. I did not realize it because my symptoms were not severe. When my daughter was diagnosed, I read The Bipolar Child and said, "Wait a minute. Isn't everyone like this?" My symptoms were not debilitating, and because I worked as a software engineer in several California startups, my mania was quite valuable (most of these startups were Bipolar Central). Depression was not severe.

In 2014, I went to the hospital for a myocardial infarct (left anterior descending artery blocked). During the angioplasty, debris went to my brain, causing ischemic stroke. Because angioplasty is done under a hypnotic sedative, my cardiologist immediately heard the slurring. The best place to have a stroke is an operating room: TPA goes in through the IV.

Damage was pretty serious; my right side was paralyzed for three weeks and my right hand still does not like to type; I used to type 45 words per minute. Fortunately, I am lefthanded, so my speech is not much impaired. (Lefties have their speech differently distributed in the brain and left hemisphere strokes are less likely to be speech impairing.) My old career was over. My bipolar disorder seems to have changed; I now operate in nearly continuous, but useful mania. (My ninth book was published last year; currently writing book ten.) Useful, but it drives my wife crazy. I am currently taking 400 mg of Lamotragine daily. Unfortunately, I have developed a globus sensation. This appears to be reduced by .5 mg of clonezepam daily. It also seems to reduce the mania enough that my wife won't leave (married 39 years in March). Anyone else have experience with clonepazem, globus sensation, and bipolar?
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