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Just found this site

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Just found this site

Postby WasatchRebel » Mon Nov 12, 2018 2:50 am

Hi. I just found this site while browsing for a psych forum. My adult daughter, who is married and has four kids, and who lives in our basement with all of them is mentally ill. She has been diagnosed with psychosis (undetermined kind), conversion disorder, and seasonal affective disorder in her hospitalization, but prior to that was diagnosed with both general and social anxiety disorders and depression by a local clinic.
Anyway part of her symptoms include anasognosia, which some of you might know is a failure to recognize being mentally ill. Thus she has been fairly unwilling to accept treatment and continue it when it's administered. I'm not really sure what section of this forum to put this in because her major ailment seems to be the psychosis, but doesn't seem to fit schizophrenia or the delusional disorder category.
Anyway, I have also stumbled upon the LEAP program and have been trying to work with her husband and my wife (her mother) to kind of team up and work with my daughter in helping her get to treatment. The problem is that the most important person in making this work is her husband and she will barely talk to him--pretty much only gives 1-2 word responses to his questions.
I need to know how to work the LEAP system with people that won't talk. If anyone can direct me to the appropriate forum here, that would be very helpful. Thanks. :D
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