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Hi and a question

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Hi and a question

Postby sneakingtrain » Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:24 am

Hi, I've just joined this forum. The reason for my joining is that I believe the mother of our two kids, who I live with (we all live as one family, we're just not married) is having some mental issues (which she's not prepared to admit). As a result the whole family is suffering. In a nut shell she is extremely controlling and prohibits many things that kids can get pleasure from... and punishes harshly. Recently, however, the problems from her behavior have stepped into another level... there have been occasions when she has done or said something what she doesn't remember and when actions are takin from what she said/did, she denies saying/doing it, accusing others around her of being pathological liars and psycho's for saying she did/said what she did... Is there a forum where this type of behavior is discussed? Does this behavior have a name? These memory blackouts usually happen after something has angered her... Thanks!! Lee.
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