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Wow! No advertising!

Postby heracles » Thu Nov 25, 2021 5:02 am

Whenever I used to drop in on this site, the ads were so thick and persistent, constantly blocking the texts no matter how much you clicked them away, I didn't even bother with trying to read or post. Now there's nary an ad to be seen. That's great. But what happened?
Intermittent, intense angst & sensucht . Covert somatic narcissism/Pseudo-Body-Dysmorphia. Secret, languid schizoid. Dysthymia. Gerascaphobia. Dorian Gray Syndrome. Avoidant. Iatraphobia. Psychiatraphobia. Self-Indentified. Just traits? High on the spectrum? Full blown? Doesn't matter to me. Not on meds. INTJ.
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