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General issues/problems ...Don't know where to post

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General issues/problems ...Don't know where to post

Postby FindingTheWay » Sun Jun 14, 2020 9:55 pm


I looked through everyone of the sub-forums or sections and did not see anything for general issues or problems to discuss. I don't really have a issue that has a psychological label. It is not a 100% accurate label but the best way I can some it up is maybe to say... I feel lost, empty and without direction or meaning. I am fundamentally happy and content even though I am alone. At times when I see a movie where a man and woman connect it makes me teary eyed but the only time I feel lonely is on my birthday or the holidays like Christmas.

I hate where I live yet I don't seem to be able to do what it takes to get out of here. Money is not a problem and I don't work. I think I have programmed myself over the years to think I am trapped and stuck here. But I know that there is no real reason to keep me here. There are other things along with this that I would like to start discussing and getting feedback.

I studied psychology when I first started college but only continued with self-help books to try to better myself. I also have had counseling but I never thought it helped really. Especially with the bad counselors in this area. I really don't think I need a therapist. I should, and think I do have all the answers but I can't quite get them out and commit to practice them!

That's probably too much to have said here right now, but can you suggest the best place to put this to get something going?


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