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Abilify and Intrusive Thoughts/Pure O ICD

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Abilify and Intrusive Thoughts/Pure O ICD

Postby d0pamin3 » Sat Jan 11, 2020 1:26 pm

When I look up OCD and antipsychotics I do obtain hits.

I have been getting extremely irritating intrusive thoughts. Ive been taking abilify for 3 years now, so its hard to tell if its the meds or not, however, i havent had this before my epiphany that most people in my family would call a manic epsiode. Since being sent to the hospital for 4 months and then sent to a day program my mania went away. There is potential the meds depressed me to the extent that the residual inspired mania went away. However, it may very well be causing avolition and amotivation, common side effects of antipsychotics, due to its lowering of dopamine levels.

But there's this habit of mine to hyperfixate on people's smallest physical quirks/faults/features and take them disastrously out of proportion. If I spy a pimple on somebody's face I am likely to stare and not being able to hold a smooth conversation. This goes with anything. It can be a chin hair, it can be someone's medical breathing problem, it can be somebody's bent back from scoliosis, it can be gelled baby hairs that to me looked greasy rather than a different hairstyle, it can be a strange facial feature that I dont commonly see, like a wider nose.

I think its the atypical antipsychotic. I have done a google search that reveals studies and articles that state and explain how OCD can be induced by atypical antipsychotics.

I would like to know if this has happened to anybody else
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