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This gaunt quietude: once the quietus of expectation.

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This gaunt quietude: once the quietus of expectation.

Postby Sam the man Leslie » Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:06 pm

You came to me within a dream, not everyone is who they seem- this gaunt quietude, at first seemed worse, than the quietus of expectation.. But the curse is- I found you: waiting like a stalking burglar who hath point the finger at- making every promise empty.

Awaken you: a prisoner in my mind, a virtue masquerading.. I don't want to become hostile, to feed on your nothing; put away the daggers. I'm still breathing, so I guess: I'm still alive.

Do onto others...: I was so you, I smell you- I need you to fell this; you're the one that is breathing, so I guess...

Sensation washes over me, I can describe you: but if I can't remember.. Shall I forget to remember, to know this will conquer me.
On my rueing knees, I need you to encumber this!, I want your bones to smash: I want you to break against my stones because, my pillar of faith has ascended.. So quickly go, and fill your pockets with stones, down by the river- I've found to be bound in.

Poisoning the world for me: take away my everything.
Weakish as I am- I stand on the brink of your mind: living inside a nightmare, from which, I just cannot awaken. The redemption is complete: when you concieve and decline.

Another dream that'll never come true just to compliment your sorrow: dead to love to sanctify all I hate; blind your eyes to what I see.. tear a hole so I can see my devestation.

Stripped of life, alone in the midst of something: that I want to play with your evil inside- it seems to ease my mind, to know that you brought meaning to my life.

Dead to love! Another nightmare about to come true, will manifest tomorrow- leave me be.
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