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olanzapine tranqualizing?

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olanzapine tranqualizing?

Postby SBBro » Sun Aug 10, 2014 6:12 pm

I have only taken it once while psychotic and it turned me zombie like.

I ended up on risperidone after failing with seroquel as it seemed to wear off before 24 hours.

Anyway I am no longer psychotic and been off APs for a while but changing from zantac to astaxanthin for heartburn, former eventually gave me depression latter has sent dopamine too high, has made me a little haywire.

So doing a 1week course of olanz but my shrink is just leaving the script with his Secretary. He has seen me a lot lately. But told him it's becoming a concern through email and he is busy.

Can I take 5mg at night while out as a party trick or is it tranqualizing like sq? I won't be driving but heard it's okay to....
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