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Wellbutrin anger and smell side effect?

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Wellbutrin anger and smell side effect?

Postby kikkoman » Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:23 am

I have tried wellbutrin before, but only for a few weeks and stopped due to side effects.
After a few days on wellbutrin i got angry and irritated very easely, and i didint just get angry - i got furious. After a few more days i got this weird smell distortion where i got this smell of smoke machine/fog machine inside my nose, and almost everything has a hint of this smell when i try to smell anything :?

I'm going to try wellbutrin again in a few days, to treat atypical/anergic depression, and stay on it for a longer period to see if it works, but im worried about these side effects. Have anyone else experienced these side effects? And did they dissipate after being on it for a while? :P
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