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Celexa sexual side affects vs Zoloft??

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Celexa sexual side affects vs Zoloft??

Postby cambro » Wed Oct 14, 2015 7:14 am

Hi there, after 4 years of being on Zoloft and finally having enough of the side affects after being bumped up to 75mg a new Doc switched me to 20mg of Celexa. Both he and my therapist told me that it has less side affects than zoloft, namely sexual side affects common among men in SSRI's. Is this true or what? I just turned 18 and am starting my life here, I don't want to be a zombie and have no libido like I did on Zoloft. But I also struggle a lot with OCD, GAD, and some major stress and want to treat that. Thoughts?? Thanks! - Cam.
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