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New to Lexapro. Am I supposed to feel bad like this?

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New to Lexapro. Am I supposed to feel bad like this?

Postby teardrop_ » Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:32 pm

So after struggling with anxiety and depression and also some OCD (mainly thoughts but lil actions too) since I was a kid about 12 I asked my doctor to put me on medication.I'm 19 now btw. He put me on Lexapro (generic but the same thing) 10mg daily for a month and then a review. I took it last night and had a bad time with some light nausea and my anxiety was really bad. I had terrible sleeping. Today took it again and now i feel anxiety and ocd thinking are bad, my appetite isn't great, my stomach is feeling weird and I have a headache. I feel really down now like more than I was the other day and I'm scared is this normal or not. I feel tired and like I don't have any motivation to do anything now. I almost feel worse since taking the pills.it's only my first time on antidepressants so I don't know if this is just the adjustment phase or not? Has anyone experienced this? How long before I get better and will it fix my depression,GAD,OCD and general mood? I'm just so done with feeling bad about myself and everything :(
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Re: New to Lexapro. Am I supposed to feel bad like this?

Postby vishva » Thu Oct 08, 2015 3:07 pm

Very similar to my case, but I feel so much better now. I'm on my 3rd week with 15mg Lexapro. The first three days on Lexapro was difficult, but soon after my condition improved rapidly. Give it some time, and you will also feel better. By the 4th day, my OCD is just gone.!

Lexapro gave me orthostatic hypotension at first. That is if I sit for some time and then stand up quickly; I feel nausea and giddiness. So I searched on the internet and found out that I should stand up or sit slowly, not quickly, then I could manage it. I'm not having that anymore.

And then the hot flashes. This was a totally new thing to me. It is the feeling of getting better from fever - comes quickly, goes quickly. The whole body gets hot in a split second and then cools down. It is called a hot flash. It was too often in first few days, and now rare.

I still have the headache. When that comes I close my eyes and ears and relax for a while. It triggers when you see bright light or loud noises. So avoid bright light by wearing sunglasses on daytime outdoor, and get earplugs or in-ear earphones to wear when it is noisy.

My psychiatrist told me to start with 5mg for first three days, and 10mg for another 3 days and 15mg for the rest of the month and then review. I'm taking Lexapro in the morning, with Neuro-B; and at night I take 1mg Risperidone. It turns down the paths opened by Lexapro and helps in sleeping. I was also given 3mg Melatonin to help with sleep. But I do not need it anymore.

-- Thu Oct 08, 2015 8:41 pm --

Neuro-B helps brain to cope with Lexapro side effects. Taking it in the morning helps throughout the day. By 1PM I get super hungry, so I can have my lunch with a good appetite.

Before lexapro I had severe somatic symptoms; couldn't eat, couldn't sleep. Constipation, Indigestion and upset stomach which was previously diagnosed/self-diagnosed as IBS. I have taken Domperidone and then self medicated myself with a natural and illegal herb, YNW.. Nothing Worked Long Term.

On Lexapro and Risperidone I feel so much better with minor side effects though. Waiting to see my psychiatrist next weekend.

Hope you too get well soon.!!

BB )O(
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