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Starting Medication Monday. Any Advice/tips?

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Starting Medication Monday. Any Advice/tips?

Postby teardrop_ » Fri Sep 04, 2015 8:40 pm

so ive decided to go to my doctor on monday and ask to be started on some antidepressants after a very long struggle with depression,anxiety and ocd (thoughts and actions) but im worried about wich type to take and the side effects. I was offerecd them many times but was scared because i had a bad expierience with other medication for a different illness last year so im very nervous about antidepressants. im 19 and was never on them before. i know a lot of people on here are on them and i wanna know:
how they made you feel?
what were you feeling before and after? eg comparison
is life better on them?
side effects?
what type worked best?
did you feel worse before you felt better?
how long before they get working?
did they make you act overly happy and unusually excited?
do you still get down even though youre on them?
did they take away your anxiety,ocd and bad feelings?

im so very very scared about taking them but i fell like now is the time because im suffereing. ive had 3 or 4 relapses this year already. i tried taking herbal remedies and all different pills and posions and breathing excercises etc. i go to therapy and it helps a LOT but therapy isnt enough to carry me. i feel like i need a boost and like i need a little extra help. i know it sounds weird but i can almost actually feel my brain lacking in something. like i can feel like i have some sort of deficiancy in my brain. its hard to describe but it almost feels physical. i guess what i want most is to be able to actually feel happiness again. its been so long since i laughed,smiled etc for real. its always forced and fake. i just wanna feel good instead of bad.
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Re: Starting Medication Monday. Any Advice/tips?

Postby vishva » Fri Oct 09, 2015 2:44 pm

First off, it is up to your doctor to decide which is best for your condition. Antidepressants does an effect only for serious cases.
teardrop_ wrote:how they made you feel?

Well, it helps to get over with anxiety/depression symptoms, and gives a breathing space for the real treatment to happen, or to sort out your problems.

teardrop_ wrote:what were you feeling before and after? eg comparison

Before I couldn't sleep at night, stay awake on daytime, couldn't eat properly. Now I eat well and have good sleep at night, and stay awake on daytime. And I could control my annoying OCD checking behaviors and I have got rid of them (myself.! YAY.!!) for the most part. For the remaining bit, I'm looking forward to work on them with my therapist, soon.

teardrop_ wrote:is life better on them?

Somewhat better, somewhat bad (nasty side effects). But generally, so much better than ever before.! I guess if the relieving of depression outweighs side-effects, it is a good deal.

teardrop_ wrote:side effects?

Lexapro: Side effects were worst on the first week. Had orthostatic hypotension and hot flashes. Hard to bear bright light and loud noises, have to wear sunglasses and earplugs in daytime outdoor or when it is noisy. Dry mouth, sinus problems and headaches coming ahead.!

teardrop_ wrote:what type worked best?

My first is Lexapro generic, I don't know any other to compare. It depends on person to person. Your therapist should decide.

teardrop_ wrote:did you feel worse before you felt better?

For the first few days, no change. Other said I looked phased out, but I didn't feel that way. I felt somewhat emotionless. I didn't had depression, only anxiety and OCD. Depression could get worse before it gets better. Depends on type of medicine and person-to-person.

teardrop_ wrote:how long before they get working?

For Lexapro, it is few days to a week. But for Prozac, it is at least 2 weeks to start working. Depends on each medicine and your metabolism.

teardrop_ wrote:did they make you act overly happy and unusually excited?

Not like that.! :D Those are not "happy pills" as they say. It removes any depressing thoughts and allows you feel happy for things that should make you feel happy. That's it. Doesn't introduce happiness magically into your brain.

teardrop_ wrote:do you still get down even though youre on them?

Nop. I feel better than ever before.! :-)
But occasionally I get fits of anger, and headaiches.

teardrop_ wrote:did they take away your anxiety,ocd and bad feelings?

Yes of course, they are mostly gone. Only a little bit of OCD left in me while on Lexapro, and I'm also taking Risperidone before sleep.

-- Fri Oct 09, 2015 8:20 pm --

Also, take your antidepressants in the morning, right after your breakfast.!

Some people take it at night and then they would complain they can't sleep.
Well, that's what happens in most of the time if you take an antidepressant at night.
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