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Is it possible to move emotionally involved relation to move

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Is it possible to move emotionally involved relation to move

Postby canadien74 » Mon Jun 15, 2020 12:40 pm

Hello there guys;
So, my wife build an emotional connection with her cousins husband 3 years ago; it was Ok initially as I was involved in the weekly activity and family gatherings with this cousins family; We were doing vacation, BBQ and Christmas party together.

It came down to her pulling away from me over time and becoming emotionally involved with him by constantly calling and meeting him; Six months ago my frustration started with her giving more attention to him and three months ago I put her on No Contact condition with this cousin to save my marriage.

Now, after 3 months she says that she wants both of us to meet this cousins husband again and only wants platonic relation with him; She says that she understands that she hurt me and wants to redeem herself; She says that he helped us a lot in 3 years prior and we can not abandon good friend like that.

So, what do you guys think; Is it possible to turn Emotional relation into platonic relation?

What needs to happen for the safety of our marriage? Should I meet him and resume friendship?
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