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husbands secret life

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husbands secret life

Postby shaswe » Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:22 am

Hello, I am totally new to this forum and so not quite sure where this falls under. I have been married 8 years, never had the best sex life but my libido is quite low...other than that I thought we had a great marriage and were on the same page about everything. My parents and sister live on the same property as us and had started to notice that items in the laundry basket were in total disarray (yes they have a way of sorting the dirty clothes) or other items in the bathroom were moved. Finally, my sister set up a camera as they thought they were going crazy. I had no knowledge of this until now but what they discovered was my husband using my sisters underwear to masturbate to and ejaculating on her toothbrush (washing it) and using the hanging handtowels to dry off. My sister went to the police with the footage and my husband was removed from the home with an intervention order now against him. I am the one who drove him to the police and he seemed quite resigned with his fate. I dont know what the future holds. I had absolutely no idea about his secret and dont know what the future will hold. I am hoping he will get help at least to be a dad to our daughter. As it is I am very reluctant to let him see her as I fear that he may do something to her, if not now then in the future. I feel like the bottom of my world has fallen out...so many plans, so many dreams gone.
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Re: husbands secret life

Postby Shattered Mind » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:55 pm

I'm in no way condoning what your husband did to your sister however if you are in the USA setting up a hidden camere in a bathroom is 100% illegal. The evidence would get thrown out in court and your sister would likely be the one looking at a criminal record. Now I'm less sure about the following but I believe it's also illegal to set up hidden cameras inside the common areas of a home unless all occupants are aware of the cameras. Generally occupants have a reasonable expectation of privacy in all common areas. This is not a nanny cam employer/employee situation. Basically what I'm telling you is your husband needs a decent lawyer.

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