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I think I can see my future

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Re: I think I can see my future

Postby Ikixass » Sun Nov 24, 2013 8:24 am

I think you actually might be able to see into your future. But First --> There are multiple wrong possibilities I have considered based on my experiences. (I have relived or remembered in advance many of my life's events, therefore done a bit of research on this subject to try to understand) Deja vu is one option in some cases where your mind repeats an event then confuses the repeated thought as Deja vu another is the feeling towards a present event identical to a past event making it seem repetitive or a similar experience. Last a delayed or prolonged hold on an experience can cause it to seem familiar. (I have had all of these but I have also remembered or relived the future. In my opinion time is certain and without a doubt non linear) Any of these can seem like you are seeing the future but are in fact NOT (Ignoring drugs of course) When I remember the future or relive it (baring what is listed before this) I can actually say what is going to happen. This has included word for word what other people are going to say or do and, or watch then telling people what will happen right before it does. This may be because your and my brain is just smart enough to calculate out the future based on the present or in fact some form of actual precognition. When I get it, I only gets parts of the future or get an increased impulse to say or do something because I know exactly what is happening or about to happen. I never get enough to control, change a situation or win the lottery. (Darn it!) I am however able to predict things that will happen or that I will do well in advance. I wish you luck with it if the same happens to you as I understand how frustrating it can be!
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Re: I think I can see my future

Postby HesDeltanCaptain » Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:47 am

Have had very short term precognitive events all my life as well, also first noticed at very young ages. As I got older I looked into it from the science end of things and I think the explanation is that future events can only be a finite number of things. While guessing or knowing what event will occur as to being right when they do stands out in our attention, we're wrong a lot more often. But when we guess right it stands out as unusual when really it's just probability and guessing in action. If you make a future occurence guess 100 times, and you're right just 1 or 2 times, those 1 or 2 times will stand out the most and you'll disregard all the ones you got wrong and convince yourself you knew the future.

You don't need meds for this so much as to understand what's really happening. A basic college psych course would clear it up :)

As to related aspects of 'esp' or psychic ability, some of it's actually real. Just misunderstood opting for the 'psychic' explanation when really it's perfecly mundane things that have been mislabelled over the years and chalked up to esp when there's nothing actually remarkable about it.

Everything 'real' in the universe will have a perfectly mundane scientific explanation. We may not understand the explanation, but supernatural simply doesn't exist. Everything's either natural (native or normal here on Earth, or extranatural - things native to or occuring off-planet.) But there's no in-between. When people think they've experienced an esp or psychic event they've simply experienced something normal they don't understand the physics or science of and labelled it with what they do understand. As with deja vu being left or right-eye dominance and light entering the eye a split second sooner than the other and thus tricking the brain into thinking it's seen something before. In fact it has, but even though the perceived event only took place an infintesimal fraction of a second sooner, the way the brain interprets that information can make it seem much longer.
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Re: I think I can see my future

Postby under ice » Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:04 am

Yes, I think it's possible to sense future events somehow. I've had foreknowledge of both short and long term, but only rarely. I've never had any negative forebodings, only an aura of good things to come regarding a particular situation.
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Re: I think I can see my future

Postby coolbeansman » Thu Oct 08, 2020 1:54 pm

hey, ik im kind of late lmao, but do you have any new information on this? also, do you remember your visions of your future or do you just feel like you recognize what you saw when it happens?
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