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Not being able to maintain a job for more than 1,2 months

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Not being able to maintain a job for more than 1,2 months

Postby Pmoaddict » Mon Jan 16, 2023 4:21 am

The longest I had gone working in the last two three years is 3 months..I was unable to getinto continous work life as always I ends up in emotional breakdown which will leave me paralysed to go back to work .
The reasons for this are many , like in most places I go I end up being alone without any coworker and I feel lonely.. also short staffing give me double pressure to complete the job..all and all its just feels so much and j los myself and felt like so weak and alone and threatened by the atmosphere..
It seems like anxiety and worry ..I don't know how to overcome all these ..
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Re: Not being able to maintain a job for more than 1,2 months

Postby bigsmiles » Thu Feb 02, 2023 9:11 pm

Hello, I also have had this problem too.
I think it is very difficult, to find a workplace where the colleagues are people you can get along with and feel comfortable around.
It isn't something wrong with you, it is just how it is. Way more people feel this way than it seems.

Maybe it could be good to try thinking, what kind of work really would make you happy? Like maybe something different. What work would make you feel like you are doing something important and worthwhile? If you find a place you really care about the work, it could be possible that the other staff relate to your feelings.

It is not easy, really when you try over and over and it always seems so stessful and difficult. But like you say you keep trying to do it, so that shows already, you have the strength to keep going, even when it feels like it is hopeless.
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Re: Not being able to maintain a job for more than 1,2 months

Postby ExploreMacarons » Fri Feb 03, 2023 1:26 am

Just be careful.

Consider signing on to of those homeless rescue programs.
It helos if you're religious. There used to be one in the area where I lived and the program lasted like 18 months, or something. The work isn't exactly stressful, just long and tedious, and it might give you some stability. I do think know your age, but you go on quitting jobs like you do (especially in the digital era) you'll eventually find yourself unemployable.
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